“Three cheers for Jessica Martin’s magnificent tour-de-force

as Lady Shirley Porter in this spanking new exploration of corruption in high (London Borough of) Westminster places. In an age when we keep looking around for more and bigger and better roles for women in the theatre – and women of some maturity at that – this one explodes like a New Year’s Eve firework display all over Gregor Donnelly’s Top-Of-The-Pops-type set bringing heart-felt cheers and standing ovations from an awestruck public.

The role of Porter is colossal: she is hardly ever off stage. And when she does get away from us, it is seemingly with the express purpose of changing into another spot-on 80s confection. Remember hound’s tooth? Remember bows?? They’re all here. In abundance. Martin’s ‘Leader’ is a veritable Eva Peron of rainbow colours and smart, power dressing. But, of course, with the common touch never far from her fingers.”

- British Theatre Review


The role is dynamically performed

by Jessica Martin, who gives the impression of a crisply tailored, unstoppable powerhouse.

- The Guardian

“Jessica Martin rises to the occasion.

A remarkable lookalike, she turns in a performance of comic energy and hubris that would have outshone Margaret Thatcher, had her political contemporary and Prime Minister been granted stage time.”

- Woddis Reviews


“Jessica Martin is terrific

Jessica Martin is terrific as the flamboyantly arrogant and unrepentant Porter wearing a variety of colourful outfits.”

- The Stage


“Jessica Martin is a perfect Shirley Porter

and compulsively watchable. It is no mean feat to render such a warped worldview as her character’s entirely logical and plausible. Neither script nor actress resort to caricature, letting the facts satirise themselves. Martin’s star performance is enhanced by a dazzling succession of costumes, not to mention Richard Mawbey/Wig Specialities wonderful hairdo.”

- International Times